2023 Recap: Business Wins and Lessons + Future Goals (Our Plan To $10M)

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In episode 29 of Espresso Hour, Ship 30 for 30 Captains Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole walk through the wins, lessons, and realizations they gained over the course of the year.

(00:00) Intro
(01:13) 2023 Wins
(04:53) Launched a successful group coaching program
(11:37) Built our first asynchronous product in a month
(15:07) Doubled the business profit
(21:07) Hired 7 team members while maintaining performance culture
(28:18) Experimented with different podcast styles
(31:37) Built our V1 dream production studio
(34:59) Built a paid newsletter to $250k in ARR
(38:32) Learned the power of cross-collaborations
(43:49) Learned how to hire & train a sales team
(45:23) Refined our content supply chain
(48:44) 2023 Lessons & Realizations
(50:18) Work in defined sprints of monk or maintenance mode
(54:33) Every reinvestment into the business is positive if…
(55:56) The importance of surrounding yourself with an all-star team
(57:09) You’re a fixed number of hours away from anything
(1:02:38) Every leap of progress came from IRL meetups
(1:03:25) The value of a mastermind is normalizing success
(1:06:04) “Slogs” are necessary
(1:07:36) Audio and video develop more resonance
(1:08:10) Paying for the ideal scene
(1:09:49) We can build anything we want (with constraints)
(1:10:28) 2024 and beyond


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