Crucial Takeaways From Our 6-Hour Whiteboard Session | Espresso Hour Episode 11

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In this episode, Ship 30 for 30 Captains Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole talk about their insanely productive whiteboard session, advice on scaling a business, and potential job opportunities! 

(00:00) Intro 
(00:41) What was our session all about? 
(02:25) Laying out the profit centers (05:09) Our modified “ORG” chart 
(10:58) Main takeaways 
(13:24) Steal our whiteboard grid 
(14:17) Transition from generalists to specialists 
(17:19) How to maximize leverage 
(21:48) How to scale marketing 
(24:09) New job opportunity: Timestamper 
(25:57) The biggest belief break for ghostwriters 
(29:19) Ghostwriters vs. GhostTHINKERS 
(30:04) How to make $$$ with Timestamping 
(31:14) Why you need hiring funnels ASAP 
(34:30) Espresso Hour stats 
(35:29) We’re hiring! 


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