How To Create A Viral Marketing Flywheel

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In episode 15 of Espresso Hour, Ship 30 for 30 Captains Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole talk about their marketing funnel, specifically relating to email. 

(00:00) Intro 
(02:40) Difference between referrals and affiliates 
(03:39) Why word of mouth trumps every form of marketing 
(05:20) The power of languaging 
(08:27) How to get everyone talking about your product 
(12:50) The biggest tip for e-commerce and physical product stores 
(18:29) The RIGHT way to do affiliate marketing 
(23:05) Why financial incentives aren't as effective as you think 
(24:08) Ship 30s future referral plans 
(27:46) Winner of FREE Ship 30 cohort 


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