The Tripling Question: Watch Us Scale A Paid Newsletter To $50k/month

Demolish bottlenecks in your business: 

Write with ChatGPT like a PRO: 

In episode 25 of Espresso Hour, Ship 30 for 30 Captains Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole walk through their plan to triple their paid newsletter, Write with AI. 

(00:00) Intro 
(01:41) The Tripling Question 
(07:34) The challenge with paid newsletters 
(10:21) The ONLY way to grow paid newsletters 
(18:35) Dickie’s analysis for $50k/month 
(22:52) The most COMMON business bottlenecks 
(32:00) The importance of RISK for entrepreneurs 
(35:57) Demolishing our bottlenecks LIVE 
(43:57) How YOU can replicate this in your business 
(47:55) Our tactical plan for Write with AI 


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