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In episode 34 of Espresso Hour, Ship 30 for 30 Captains Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole talk about upgrading vs. overhauling, defining your business with 1 formula, and starting with constraints when building an online business.

(00:00) Intro
(02:18) The Difference Between An Upgrade And An Overhaul
(04:47) The Boring Work Is Your Moat
(07:32) Defining The Business With One Formula Accelerates It
(13:29) Enrolled Our First Student Via Organic YouTube
(17:24) You Must Start With Constraints 
(22:00) Slogs Will Precede Periods Of Accelerated Growth
(23:41) Began Working On A Brand Overhaul
(33:19) Life Updates And Being Back In The Saddle


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